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IPROLAM - “A partner all over the world”

Our Clients
IPROLAM is a provider of general mechanical equipment and automation protocols based on collaboration with companies that can provide efficient execution of machines and equipment in very good conditions - both on the basis of documentation provided by the client and those developed by IPROLAM. Collaborations and partnerships with renowned foreign companies, certified specialists from IPROLAM can be a particularly rich reference list that could be solid arguments in your decision to collaborate with our company. IPROLAM currently collaborates with prestigious companies like: SMS SIEMAG - Germany SIEMENS-VAI-CLEC - France, SIEMENS - Germany, ASIANSALDO - Italy, TENOVA - Italy, ITW-KREFELD - Germany, SIT-IMPIANTI - Italy, Kleinknecht - Germany, Italy DANIELI-, etc. Also, the Electrics & Automations department is a system integrator for SIEMENS , ASIANSALDO, ADDI-DATA, Johannes Hübner. Professionalism, reliability, professional competence and efficiency are some of the attributes of our activities and services that we are honored to put them at your disposal.